How to Make an App for Beginners (2020) – Lesson 1

Learn how to make an app even if you have no coding experience! (Brand new for iOS 13) This is a 10 part video series designed for beginners in mind to teach the fundamental skills for making apps on iOS.

Note: Missing your main.storyboard file? Check out this video for the fix:

In lesson 1, you’ll learn WHAT you need to learn and then you’ll dive right in and build your first Hello World app using Auto Layout.

This video series uses the latest and greatest…


  1. okay so question, is there a huge difference when making an app for ios verses android? like i personally own android, but i want to make one available for both iphone and android, do most of the things taught in this video also cross over to making one for android? (sorry if this is explained in the video i haven't actually watched it yet im just trying to find sources for the future)

  2. Just an idea about making some kind of entertaining game app, but I'm not too sure about it.

  3. Umm.. then can you make a video on best app makers for iPad that are for free??? I also subscribed and liked

  4. I have coded with Microsoft Visual Studio and other Ides for a long time, each one takes a commitment to get just basic literacy for. I just "committed" 17 minutes to your video and have a functional familiarity with X Code, very nice tutorial! I can't wait to build my skills with this series.

  5. Hi, I have some questions. I am interested to join monthly payment courses but I cant find any details about course materials. Where can I find it ?

  6. Hey Chris, I don't appear to have a ViewController.swift or a Main.storyboard bit on the side under my HelloWorld. Is this a problem? Thanks.

  7. Windows 10 store doesn't seem to carry this program. Also can it make Android apps?

  8. thank you for this video, I want to learn how to do this so bad but I never have the patience

  9. Hello! Thany you very much for your presentation. I appreciate it!
    I a want to create a game app that can be runned on iOS by millions of people.

  10. I'm new to this and I liked the teacher class, I want to make a game application.

  11. Thank u so much sir…you teaches us a lot of useful process….I sure that I will improve my skills and knowledge more more…..Thanks for inspiring us…..

  12. I'd love to build an app Chris. Looking forward to it!!

  13. Hello. I want to learn Swift and Xcode; I have no experience using Xcode, but I have been learning Swift on my iPad via the Swift Playgrounds app just these past few days. My question is, is investing in the new MacBook Air 2020 a good choice with someone with a limited budget? I currently don’t own any Mac computer. I’ve read some Reddit comments claiming that 8GB of RAM can be an issue, and that upgrading to 16GB is better. What are you thoughts on this, for someone who is very eager to learn more about coding and not just rely on the Swift Playgrounds app. Thank you!!!

  14. I'm going to try I know I'll have questions but , Real are a good person. I wish you the best.

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