How To Make AeroPress Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2017)

Have you tried the winning AeroPress recipe from the World AeroPress Champion 2017 Paulina Miczka aka Panda? We recorded this short clip in London’s Kaffeine where Panda worked as a barista.

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  1. Recently got an Aeropress and just now watched this video. What's up with all all these naysayers and negative comments focused on the color of her coffee? Paulina deserves more courtesy and respect! She may very well have used a light roast. Without knowing the roast of the beans she used, judging her coffee simply by its color is just wrong!

    These negative commenters should try brewing a cup with light beans to the dark/opaque color criterion they're using…and then try to drink it. The flavor of light roast is much sharper than darker roasts, and packs a punch…way higher in acidity and caffeine content than dark roast.

    As for me, I'll withhold judgement until I experience her recipe. I applaud Paulina for her spirit to enter the competition and win it…and for sharing her winning techniques with all Aeropress lovers.

  2. Everyone is giving her so much crap for her methods but this is standard to coffee competitions? Sure coffee can be stupid simple, but there are intricate methods to produce AWARD WINNING cups of coffee.

  3. what is the criteria for winning recipe ? less bitter ? or something else ?

  4. 35g per serving, even with 350g squaremile bag, it’ll finish within 10 brews. My poor wallet disagree

  5. i tried this recipe on an Ethiopian single origin light roast from Humblebee coffee in Perth and it's just delicious. Brought up a delicious, balanced and bright cup, and I could taste almost all that was described in the packaging. Thanks!

  6. it's my go to aeropress recipe now, thanks a million. it also makes a pretty tasty iced coffee if u substitute ice instead of hot water to the pressed coffee at the end 🙏

  7. Can anyone tell me what kind of grinder si she using and where can i Buy it?

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