How to keep Google navigation shortcut blue triangle arrow icon after google maps 7.1.0 update

The Google maps 7.1.0 update will remove your Blue Navigation Arrow or triangle icon. Normally you would have to uninstall updates and revert back to the old Google Maps version. It looks like there are two ways you can still retain the Google Navigation icon on your phone and enjoy the new Google Maps 7.1.0. One way is to install the Navigation shortcut apk. The second and pretty easy way is in this video and you will have the new google maps and Navigation shortcut. The only problem…


  1. I don't have the "uninstall updates" icon. I just have "force close" and where your "uninstall updates" is…mine says "Disable."

    This is version 8.3.1 So, maybe they caught on to this trick and got rid of the "uninstall updates" button?

  2. I don't know what I'm doing but I've done this several times and it just reinstalls google maps and deleted the blue arrow navigation.  I have an Adroid Razr.  I can get the Blue Arrow nav on my homescreen but I can't make it permanent.  Any suggestions?

  3. This ia exactly what I was looking for….THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hi, have droid razr jellybean 4.1 left the app on homescreen, dropped it in a folder, still when i updated to maps 7.7 the blue nav shortcut disappeard… is there another workaround for the motorrola razr maybe?

  5. on the Galaxy S4, what if updated to 4.3 and maps is updated to 7.0.2? can u still get the shortcut to the Nav.??

  6. i followed all the instructions and copied my navigation icon to the home screen, but when i updated Maps to 7.1 the navigation icon disappeared

  7. Perhaps I'll just give up my blue arrow – it doesn't seem that the Maps is that hard to use. Just wish I had known about it in advance. Thanks for helping.

  8. Didn't work for me. I followed your first video and uninstalled the update. Got my blue arrow back, put it on my home screen (where it was before), updated Maps, and the icon is gone again.Any suggestions?

  9. Wow I've been trying to figure this out for two weeks of what happened to my phone, thanks you helped me find my navigation again!

  10. hey i have kept the navigation icon in the home screen and updated my google maps…after completion i went and saw my navigation icon….it dosent show my navigation icon in the home screen…wat to do tell me

  11. I was skeptical this wood work but it did. I hope it stays. thanks so much, I hated the new nav IN google maps. The Navigator "shortcut works better and now I can have the updated gmaps. You rock!

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