How to Integrate GitHub with Android Projects in Android Studio 2019?

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In this video, I teach you how to integrate GitHub in Android Studio and share your Android Projects to GitHub. I will show you a very easy method to use GitHub with Android Studio.

First I answer all your questions related to GitHub and then show you a step by step guide to GitHub integration with Android Studio:

1. Sign up for a free account on
2. Download Git software for Windows
3. Install Git on Windows
4. Set your email and name via Windows command line


  1. Superb Explanation bro ….👌
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills 😊

  2. What to do when we get push rejected message dialog box and asks as to choose between merge or rebase ?? If i choose merge what will happen and if i choose rebase what will happen ?? Can you please explain it.

  3. Very informative video, but background music make it difficult to hear your voice.
    Kindly, don't put background music, when you are talking.

  4. I am getting many errors. When I am pushing my project to my repository it says push rejected, Push to origin/master was rejected.

  5. I am code illiterate and this was almost too simple, every little detail like registering was mind numbing. You didn't skip any parts and now after a week of trying to figure it out I can finally use GitHub. Thanks

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