How to Install the Android SDK and Eclipse

(please give feedback) In this video I walk you step by step through the entire process of setting up an Android development computer. I edited out all the loading screens to save time on the video, your setup might take longer … LOL. Just press pause and feel free to replay and rewind as much as you want…. (please give feedback)


  1. Thank you!

    I just followed your instructions using the current versions of software and I was able to display the emulator!

    This was my second attempt. My first attempt, I was following instructions in Android for Dummies book – it didn't work. I guess I am just too dumb for the book 🙁

  2. i just spent more than 5 freaking hours just to download 3 sdk repositories -_- i just hope its worth it

  3. hi guys
    I downlode the android sdk and I he send me a masseg:
    Skipping 'Android SDK Tools, revision 22'; it depends on 'Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 19' which was not installed.
    Downloading Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 19
    File not found: C:Program Files (x86)

    can you help me?

  4. Help me please!!!
    In Android Packages SDK Manager I should Install Update all packages or not?

  5. Thanks man, this still works in 2014! All the people watching, if you are in 2014, you must download the Eclipse INDIGO, AND NOT KEPLER! The ADT Plugin wont download in Kepler (well it didn't for me). This may even help others of you.

  6. Hats off to you buddy, You explain the process in the best possible manner compare to the other videos found on youtube. All the best keep the good work going god bless.

  7. Already did everything you said. Still getting an error when compiling though…
    **** Build of configuration Default for project template ****

    D:SG_APPSandroid-ndk-r8endk-build.cmd NDK_DEBUG=1 -j 4 all
    The system cannot find the path specified.

    **** Build Finished ****
    D:SG_APPSandroid-ndk-r8e is the path so I don't know what the problem is…

  8. Hi man, when i open eclipse it say: The eclipse executable launcher was locate its companion shared library.
    What does it mean?

    help me pleaseee 😀

  9. My story : Downloaded eclipse from a website which i did understand, because i found the real website to confusing and didnt know what to download. didnt download the other sh*t and then just whas there like, uhm wtf do i do now i have fkin eclipse it should work right?

    lol, than i was searchin some vids and found you! 😀 Thanks so muchhhh.

  10. Hey androidprek,
    Thanks for everything, My Man! I've been tryin for about 20-25 days to get this shit and Nothing helped until I came across ur video.
    Thanks again

  11. running sdk manager as admin doesn't work either…a window flashes den its nothing

  12. Thank you for the info . . . However it's very difficult to chronologically follow your videos. Can you please give us a chronological order on the order of videos I watch the videos. Thank you.

  13. It's totally different now. It's all built in to a one-file download, and it is easier to install. Good video though, I was ready!

  14. i got a problem when i downloaded the android development kit it allready had eclipse in the file, do i still need to download eclipse from the site?

  15. thanks a bunch man for helping out! i finally managed to download and install the required software. again, appreciate it!

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