How to Install PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR ON MAC (Tencent Gaming Buddy)

Install Tencent Gaming Buddy ( PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR ON MAC)

1. You need to have the PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR SETUP FILE. Download from

2. You need to download Parallels Desktop.
Download Link

3. Open Parallels Desktop and go to Configuration – General – Configure for Gaming ( shutdown your virtual machine before doing this)

4. Next go to Hardware and Select Ram between 4-8gb ( you need minimum 4gb to run this)

5. after…


  1. Use bootcamp assistant to install windows in Mac. there is no need to install any parallel desktop or other app to install windows in Mac. Videos are available in YouTube how to install windows using bootcamp. Bootcam is app by apple which is available by default in Mac.

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  3. macOS will running parallel desktop, parallel desktop will run Tencent, Tencent will run PUBG. Just imagine how much Energy, Processor and Ram your Mac will be using❓
    That’s not a good solution.

  4. Would a MacBook Pro with 4gb RAM will be able to run it finely?????Plzz reply fast.Amen.

  5. Звук,как будто машины для вырабоки сметаны

  6. Hi Gaurav, Its really Nice help from Video But Still I unable to start, I have Successfully downloaded Parallel Desktop and windows 10 and Direct X also. But while launching welcome screen come up and then get stuck with License and agreement page. Please helpppppppp

  7. how do you change it to games only i am having trouble with that cause it says the some of the settings can only be changed when the virtual machine is shut down.

  8. bro thanks a lot for this amazing trick……again really thank you….!!!!!!

  9. Ultimate waste of time. This is not tencent running in Mac. Its actually running in Windows itself. And the windows is running in Mac. Then why do we struggle for these installations? Just go to Windows PC/laptop iself.

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