how to install ota update on rooted android phone (ROOT, No PC, No Data Loss)

See how you can install new android OA updates quickly using an Android app. This method works best for install OTA updates not for the major version change, say from Android 6 to Android 7. Its not recommenced. For installing OTA its very great.


[root] FlashFire :

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  1. You didn't show at all in last that your mobile is still rooted or not you should have shown from the Root Checker that your mobile is still rooted or not

  2. My friend, you actually did a great job. I don't know why some people are so critical. Some videos are twice as long and don't say anything. Well done.

  3. dost mera z2 force bootloader un lock hai per mujhy kuch pochna hai ap apna number daysakty hain

  4. This app is discontinued and is only working for the users have purchased a PRO version in past. To buy PRO, it has an in-app purchase for the same.. So If you install now, the app closes with no way to upgrade to PRO.

  5. I you are not a native English speaker you should not try to speak fast. You are not clear and understandable at some times.

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