How to Install iPhone Apps Not Available in Your Country

Want to install an iPhone app not available in your country? We tell you a simple method to install geolocked or georestricted apps on iOS devices.

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How to install Android apps not available in your country:

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  1. After I do this can I return to my original region? If yes, the app will automatically uninstall?

  2. I FOUND A LINK…. i wont give u for free … hit me subscribe n leave a comment i will send u

  3. right now you need to put your american ID if not it's wont work XD

  4. I have an Apple Music subscription and a library of songs. Will following this process and signing out of my existing ID delete the downloaded library? Has anyone experienced that?

  5. using vpn directly wont work but theres a way , just switch everything off then switch ur iphone off then use vpn and enter app store and downlaod it , just done it and holaaaa 😀

  6. It said my app was only available in the Nigerian store so i changed to Nigeria and it’s now saying not available in Nigerian store

  7. When I changed my region,and went to iTunes link my phone just had an ok button no change store button

  8. Hello,
    I bought an iPhone 7 Plus from the United Arab Emirates. I have been using my phone and the FaceTime feature in Egypt and had no problems at all. Since I moved the United States I wasn’t able to access FaceTime and it's disappeared.

    can you help me ?

  9. Question: Will I have a problem with the rest of the apps that I already downloaded? Because I'm interested in downloading an European Voip app (to have a foreign phone number) but will that affect the iphone performance or the other apps registered under another apple ID?

  10. Who can help me get the monkey app😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ps:I never previously had it

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