How To Install FULL Android On iPhone! Dual Boot iOS 13 & Android 10!

Today we take a look Android 10 running on an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3! You can now run Android on an iPhone thanks to project sandcastle from Correllium and Checkra1n teams!


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  1. first of all If any of you are having trouble getting the file to work make sure you didn't change the default ssh password for the phone. I realized this after a while. now I'm having an error with the device saying something like direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2. I'll probably start the process again but any help would be appreciated. thanks for this video its a good and somewhat random thing to take my mind off other things 🦠.

  2. How long does it take to download the nand image? mine has been going for over 20 minutes now…

  3. honestly, this video was not very helpful. you did not go over any errors that people have had and how to fix them… it looks like a good amount of ppl are having trouble with the "failed to copy setup script" I am having that problem as well… would like to know how to fix it. thanks

  4. Can I make phone calls and receive text messages with it, also can i view files from ios like photos and stuff like that. especially if ios has a password, thanks

  5. if you get an error where it says “FAILED TO COPY SETUP SCRIPT” even after deleting known_host. your terminal must be in bash, not ZSH I uses VS studio terminal to do it

  6. Why would anyone be wanting to install android on their iphones? I don't see any reason to do so besides wanting to tinker with the phone for fun.

  7. Why would the initial device be the iPhone 7? Wouldn’t they want to do it with the X 8 and 8 Plus, because they have the best specs.

  8. would it delete previous storage of my iphone? I mean reset everything?

  9. iPhone 7 gets super hot really quickly – not many apps (no play store) – so while it is fun to see – you won't use it for long – going to be great seeing this develop however

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