How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP for Android! [Android Root 101 #3]

This tutorial will teach you how to install a custom ROM using TWRP for ANY Android that has TWRP installed already.    By using this tutorial, you will learn how to install custom ROM on ANY Android smartphone or tablet using TWRP recovery

See full written step-by-step tutorial for those of you short on time:

For Samsung Android, follow this tutorial BEFORE following this…


  1. I've been installing custom ROMs since Galaxy S3/S4 HTC One M7. Those were the days of trail and error. TWRP has definitely come a long way. Honestly didn't know what the f**c I was doing. But eventually figured it out watching Max's videos.

    Thanks Max for staying High on Android!

  2. Hey Max, Good to see your videos bud. I keep encountering errors when flashing ROMs onto my SM-J700H. TWRP works as it should, its the flashing of the custom OS that never works, Ive tried CM, Lineage, Resurrection, tried changing the updater script code which eventually installs, however when booting up eg. Lineage, the phone gets stuck in the bootup screeN, I have been trying for two days to no avail. PLEASE ASSIST!!!

  3. Any nice ROM’s for LG V35 (ATT GSM, but unlocked) that allow full usage of google Fi? I liked the look of lineage OS but they don’t support LG V35 yet (and there’s apparently LTE connectivity issues)

  4. hello dear friend, I have Xperia E1 D2005 to which I have installed TWRP revision and, I would like to install an unofficial Custom Rom that has excellent graphics. Could you suggest me a link where you can find a series of custom rom with Gapps attached? A greeting from Italy

  5. I got a phone off of wish it's some Chinese knockoff. How can I find a rom for it

  6. I can't copy any zip files on internal storage, don't know why. The computer recognizes the phones storages but cannot copy anything

  7. Hi friend, my story is that when trying to rotate my device it ends up in bootloop what I did was install an official rom to flash it and now when I try to rotate it what happens to me is that when entering twrp the names of the files have strange names. Later I am trying to put a custom room I do the wipe data and all that I flash with twrp and then when I start I get the logo of the rom that I install and I do not know what to do. In summary I try to install a rom and it does not start. Help me pls

  8. 6:20 "Upper left, upper right, upper low, upper left"

    Well, at least you got your lefts and rights the right way…..

    jk just thought that was a funny oversight 😂😂😂, thanks for the vid dude !

  9. Hey man, I just want to say you're videos have helped me s much. And, I wish I could always revert to only your videos for my tech problems, due to how informative your videos are. However, I have allot of issues that I desperately need help with. If you could, please get a message back to me or please comment back. I don't want to type out my issue and it be a waste of typing, lol.

  10. What do i have to do when i installed twrp on a bootloader without doing anything else, it in an infinite loop

  11. I fuck up and wiped the system on my s9🤦‍♀️damn twrp!

  12. Can I do this my device is samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 p5100… Rooted… with twrp recovery installed

  13. Also does installing firmware for different models work? Like if the latest android version of a phone is 6.0.1, is it possible to force the updates to oreo?

  14. Can I downgrade to stock firmware on the Galaxy S7, that currently running Android 8?

  15. I genuinely don’t understand, I have twrp recovery on my sm-t280 tab 6 device which has android 5.1 running on it, it’s the max version it can be on but I’d like to install 6.0 marshmallow for reasons but I don’t have a clue how to do that.

    I have made backups of boot images and recovery but I don’t know if they will be valid if I somehow do manage to update to 6.0

  16. 🙁 My device is Zte Model # Z667G 🙁 it says that my device restricts from using Root 🙁

  17. 0:40 Sorry but what do you mean with "install your file to your phone" if you already gonna wipe your phone completely? I am very confused…

  18. Bro do you have a to install on my Pocophone that looks like Pixel?

  19. my s7 is rooted on 8.0. Now i will Downgrade it to 7.0! How i can make it. The normal way with Odin doesnt work. It works if i install a 7.0 Custom ROM?

  20. So I have TWRP recovery and rooted my S8 using Magisck. Does flashing a custom ROM erase my root and Magisck as well?

  21. thanks but phone is stuck on the brand logo even left it for 10mins still not booting after flashing official rom

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