How to install Custom recovery via fastboot on any Android device

hey guys hers a small tutorial for those who are still stucked and dont know how to install a custom rom via fastboot on any android device

ADB tools folder :-
You can find fastboot recovery for your device on google

And if you fail to do so do leave a comment mentioning your device model i will try to provide to fastboot recovery for your device within 24 hours

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  1. Please my device is
    Phone name: Tecno camon X
    Phone model: Tecno camon CA7
    Phone brand: Tecno limited.

  2. Hi I am looking for a custom recovery for my Yuntab H8 (8", 4G Tablet) Is it possible? I have not been able to find it anywhere. Thanks !

  3. +Skyline Geek Please provide the Steps for unlocking the Boot Loader for Diffrent Devices because the process for Unlocking the Boot Loader is Diffrent for Every Android Devices Like ASUS, Moto G all Generations , Micromax (All Versions), Xaomi, Lenovo, Nexus, etc. The Procedure for every Android device I listed have is diffrent and also provide the Files and recovery files in the video (I know u have provided then also saying). After that Provide the information on How to Install the diffrent custom roms on our Android Devices and please make a video on How to Undo/Unroot your Rooted Android Devices and also how to recover the Bricked Android Devices

    Thank You!!

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