How to install an Apple TV 4 in Tommy L Garage's BMW F80 M3! Better than CarPlay?? F80 M3 Mods!

Hey Everyone,

In today’s video, we’re going to walk you through the process of how we installed a Multimedia Interface and an Apple TV4 in Tommy L. Garage’s F80 M3!

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  1. Is this only for an Apple TV? I want to retrofit an Xbox One S into my own F30. Figured it would be possible as it could be plugged into the MMI Box, the only hard part would be finding power for the Xbox. In theory could be done via a Power Inverter. Curious to know what your opinion on this would be.

  2. Glove box, does it need to come out? Thought you'd be tapping on to something there but sems not. Yes, I understand its gonna be a pain to fit the atv and mm interface without removing it, but it can be done? I wanna remove as little as possible of my individual leather extended trim.

  3. This is not meant to be a negative comment, but more of an actual question- It really surprised me that with all the modern tech and a latest-gen head unit, that the audio is connected with old-school RCA cables. Is there not a loss of sound quality from that? Are you not losing the capability for more than 2-channel sound? Why is the audio not fed digitally from the Apple TV HDMI, all the way through the Bimmertech module, and into the OEM head unit?

  4. This car looks like it is fitted with a nbt evo unit. Just enable carplay and done….

  5. Great video awsome product thank you

    But I think solder connection and heat shrink with test tape is a better option

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