How to increase Battery life on Android Phone 2019

Increase battery life on Android Phone. how to save Android battery life. 2 secret setting for increasing Android battery life. In this video i will show you how to increase battery life on Android. If you turn off this 2 setting then you will get more battery life.

How to increase battery life on Android phone. How to save battery on Android. How to turn off background apps on Android., how to double your Android battery life. how to improve battery life on Android. Tricks for longer…


  1. When I unplug my phone from charger it says it is 100% but it got instantly 95% when I turn it on. When I turn it on again somewhere at morning it got to 80% and it drains quickly.

    My Device: Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

  2. You wont believe i am running phone continuously from 2 hours with on internet on 10 % battery i can tell you trick not a lie🔥🔥

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