How To Increase Android Battery Life (Feat.Xtream Droid)

Phone With The Largest Battery – (4-7 Days Of Battery Life)
Check Out My Huge Xiaomi Power Bank –
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  1. Hey HK, can u make a video about how to make intros like u? can u? plz…😁😁😁

  2. the android guy

    did you know how to fix my battery problem, cause the fullness of my battery is just 90% instead 100% ,. pleas help me to my problem. thank you for your reply.

  3. Hey Hardik can you please make a video showing us how to use the terminal emulator
    PS- you are awesome

  4. The Android Guy, can you upload because your the only Technical YouTuber that I watch

  5. Hey hardik bro, can you pleeeeeeeaaaaaase tell how can I root my lava pixel v1. kingroot is not able to root it, (PLEASE DO REPLY)

  6. Hello Theandroidguy i am a big fun and i love all of your videos.I recently had a problem and i made my internal storage as my sd card (8gb) and my external sd(2gb) as my internal.Can you help my on how to fix this bro?

  7. hey, do you know if there is a safe way to download the appstore or an app on the appstore on android?

  8. I have a question where I live i just had the time change and up on the task bar has the right time but on the home screen it has the old time how can I fix it

  9. hey android guy, I have a lg phone, for some reason when I charge my phone instead of charging it goes down instead of up. I tried resetting, closing apps and nothing is working. Is there something i can do about this?

  10. Another tip is to put your phone down and interact with the people around you. This tip helps me save like 30% battery life everyday.

  11. Only sexy know about smartphones 😂 Thanks AG ( Android Guy )

  12. HEY ANDROID GUY, A BIG FAN HERE, plz make a vid on tasker…a lot of people may love that app!

  13. I use a chrome bookmark on my home screen for facebook. saves loads of space on the device too as facebook is massive

  14. Hi Hardik, nice video as always, but is there any way to install custom ROMs on phones which have RAM less than 1 GB. Phones which are like 4 years old, for eg the Samsung galaxy ace? please make a video on that, or suggest some alternatives or your views on it.Thanks in advance.

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