How To Improve Your Smartphone's Battery Life

Maximize Your Apple or Android Smartphone’s Battery

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  1. What About Not Using my Phone At all??
    Come on people it's a Battery You Use
    And Recharge that's what It's there for to use it

  2. I might just add some more tips:
    – Set the network type to 2G if your not going to use mobile data anytime soon.
    – Use dark or black wallpapers, (recommended on AMOLED screens)
    – Turn off auto-sync on accounts
    – Remove unused widgets on homescreens
    – Turn off auto-update apps on google play
    – Some apps have crash/bugs/analytics auto reporting, disable them in their settings
    – Turn off location access if your not using apps like Google Maps, Grab, etc.
    – Turn off NFC in your not using it

  3. It is helpful but what if someone's phone doesn't work after have you thought about and what's the best way to save your phone set it for 7

  4. Black screen of life and limit processes in developer options also enable don't keep activities along with disabling animations.

  5. Can i buy a fast charger to use on my phone wc is only supported by a 10w charger ? Is it advisable ? Thankyou

  6. _hi..just want to ask about XIAOMI REDMI NOTE to activate the simcard..?i've already watched in youtube,but then it is still the same..I am still receiving notifications that my simcard needs to be activated..I had my phone 2 months made me confused how to deal with my simcard settings,still no simcard detected..many times already I take out and put back my simcard..always the same problem I've been encountering up to this time

  7. Hi po pa subscribe po subscribe ko din po kayo … thank you in advance ❤🥰

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