How To Improve Wear OS Smartwatch Battery Life

Smartwatch Battery Life – 10 Ways To Make Wear OS Battery Last Longer –

A gadget is only as good as its battery life. One of the reasons why people don’t like smartwatches is the battery life. Most smartwatches don’t last the whole day, and that means you’ve got one more gadget to charge at night. While smartwatch manufacturers are doing their best to remedy this problem, perhaps the technology is not quite…


  1. So basically turn your "smart" watch into a watch by turning everything off and it will last longer, as just a watch. Lol.. appreciate the effort but you need a lot of those features for it to be what you bought it for. Disappointed.

  2. The main reason to use a smartwatch is to see and replay notifications from social media you are telling to turn off that

  3. Consider just throwing your watch away since your not gonna use any of it's features

  4. What is the point of having a smart watch if you are asking to turn off notifications .

  5. You forgot the best one…
    Just turn it off!
    Who needs all dem features anyways?

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