How To Improve Google Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL Battery Life – Four Ways!

Does your phone have a wimpy 2800 milliamp battery? Does it pair that with a power-heavy 90hz display? Does it expend that battery capacity so it can watch you wave at it? Well here are 4 ways to improve your Google Pixel 4 battery life because you decided not to buy the Pixel 4 XL instead!

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  1. This phone needed at least and I mean at least 3200. Ideally it would have had 3400 and the XL 4000

  2. I've had my 4xl for a while now and I use the force 90hz and still get 5hrs 30min of onscreen time like people do the most to talk down on the battery life it's not bad

  3. If you are telling me to turn stuff off to make the battery work then the phone isn't worth buying

  4. Yeah gotta say a massive dropped ball from Google yet again. What is it with Google? Why is there always something bad about their phones? I mean battery? Come on. That's the one thing you shouldn't f*ck up on. You can have all the bells and whistles, good camera and great updates but if your phone is dead due to battery half way through the day? You might as well carry a brick around with you. Maybe next year eh.

  5. Awesome vid, but Google should of just placed a bigger battery, 800 for 2800 mAh in 2019? Strange…

  6. It will I need hz display when you turn that off, but it will only use it sparingly and when it is available. Rather than forcing it to use 90 hz at all times.

  7. Can I know hows the standby battery for pixel 4? Is it not good? I usually standby with my phone a lot.

  8. The best way to improve it is to buy almost any other 2019 phone…

  9. can we use the old style navigation buttons on pixel 4 like on OG pixel or pixel 2?

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