How To Improve Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S7 (ALL ANDROID PHONES)

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  1. I did it but what happens if u keep disconnecting it and plugging it in but when u plug it in its already green? Can u make a more in depth video please. Thank you

  2. The only thing that works for me was the KERNEL AUDITOR app you need to be root, in the app only choose cpu and down the frequency of the cores however there are tutorial, that give me 12 hours of regular use, before i was 4 hours of battery in my s7 edge oreo

  3. My battery lasted 19 hours yesterday and today 9 Idk what to do

  4. Youre an idiot…dont do this people. If you want better battery optimize battery settings and look up how to calibrate your battery.

  5. I have samsung j2 prime. Only have 9 hours 39 min battery life. Then I do something like clearing cache,deleteing,bla bla,its go to 22 hours 42 min. But now its get back to 9 hours..I didn't know how to get it back to 22 hour🤔.

  6. This actually worked on my s7 edge (but I'm using this method every 3 months). Because it ain't good for my lithium ion battery to do it every day.

  7. Although this may work for some people this is not healthy for the battery. It will decrease its overall lifespan.

  8. See … My Samsung Galaxy S5 100% tells me 20 hours and without doing what you said. Now I'm going to do what you did to see if he tells me 24 hours. The battery of the s7 seems to be a garbage …

  9. My s7 is currently 88% and upon checking the battery status…i have 19hours of use and that's with both Wi-Fi and mobile data turned on. I don't know how yours is 10hours on a 100%? I get more than 23hours on 100%.

  10. Quick Update Guys, I'm Going To Be Posting Here The Improvements Each Day 🔥🔧
    11/26/17 —- 10 Hours 23 Minutes 😬
    11/27/17 —- 11 Hours 10 Minutes😞
    11/28/17 — 12 Hours 20 Minutes 🙄
    11/29/17 — 12 Hours 35 Minutes p.s I forgot to do it
    12/1/17 — 13 Hours 🙂

  11. Mate just so u know u have helped out my PC, If u didn't make videos my PC would be dead but Im getting a BEAST GAMING PC NEXT WEEK ANYWAY , THANKS!!!!!!!

  12. Dude I would love you if you make a video about the best option to change enable or disable on your router(to boost WiFi)

  13. Well this decrease the battery life? It seems like the battery being overcharged and soon become Samsung note 7.

  14. My dad has a galaxy s7 and he used case chargers but he got a s8 yesterday and my mom got a s8+ but I’m still with my iPhone 5s lol

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