How to Import Github or any Project in Android Studio Easy Trick Tutorial

In this video, I will teach you an easy way on how to open any Project either downloaded from Github or any other site in your Android Studio. If you like the video please like share and subscribe.

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  1. very good video, you've done the steps well, execution without problem. thank you very much for this video, I'll be interested to see your other videos next.

  2. thank me later.
    after downloading the zip file :
    1. delete gradle folder
    2. delete all (two) files named gradlew.
    3. in build.gradle ( project level gradle file ) under dependencies set the classpath just as same as your current android studio project that you are working on.
    4. in build.gradle ( app level gradle file ) set minSdkVersion , buildToolsVersion and compileSdkVersion just as same as any current project you are working on.

    sync and load!

  3. thank you for the information. It makes sense. I am having trouble importing so going to try this.

  4. Sir please help me out I m not getting that build.gradle , I nlmean to say how to access it

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