How to Host a Website On Github

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In this video I am going to show How to Host a website on Github Using Github Pages feature. We can host a static HTML website on Github. This method can be used to host other Html websites also like ReactJs, AngularJS, Bootstrap based websites also. It is really simple and you can have a website hosted on Github in few minutes. You…


  1. Would a website with database management or basically a website build with django which uses databases be able to upload on github as well?

  2. Nice tutorial!
    Few questions:
    1) What do you mean by the "Static Website" in this context?
    2) How to install GIT on Windows machine?
    3) Need the same process for Ubuntu/Linux machine.

  3. Hello, what about other web apps? like django for example, you can't put the index.html to the main root and expect it to work? Is github hosting only used for static web?

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