How to host a kahoot live over video with remote participants

We believe that there should be no limits to when and where you can learn. Engage students in learning even when they’re not in class and stay on track with curriculum while instructing online.

Play Kahoot! via video conferencing with students located anywhere
We call this way of playing “connected Kahoot!’ing.” In essence, it means playing a live game of Kahoot!, but with students or whole classes in another location – home, different campus, even different country. Participants…


  1. Can we please….please have the answers on the students' screens? Otherwise, it simply doesn't work virtually.

  2. Thank you commenters for answering the 2 device query that I could not find an answer to anywhere else! I guess I'll just have to use Quizziz instead. And it DOES seem like a really simple fix for Kahoot! to just put the questions on their screens… Hope they figure it out before June.

  3. It seems like it would be easy for you guys to make it so when people log in from a computer, not a phone, it would show the questions and answers. In fact this would be good even in the classroom if people can't see well enough.

  4. This doesn't work unless your student has 2 devices or knows how to "split screen" on their device.

  5. I just "played" an entire 25 question kahoot on zoom with my students, just to find out at the end they could not see the answer choices. I don't know how to make it work. They just have their school issued chromebooks. Any ideas??

  6. This requires students have two devices. One device to see the Zoom or YouTube Live session and then a second device to play Kahoot. Is there a way that students can do this with only one device?

  7. Hey. When i search up a kahoot i find like only 15 results

    And other people Get like 15 k results how can i Fix this

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