How To Hack Your Sega Genesis Mini With Hakchi! Add More Games!

Hakchi was recently updated with support for the Sega Genesis or Megadrive Mini! In this video we go over some of the features and hack the mini to add more games!
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  2. Do you know if there's a way to disable the start button from launching Retroarch on the console's main menu? Thanks for your continued efforts!

  3. HELP! my sega mega drive (eu) mini retorach keeps crashing/freezing when i reset the console to acces retroach. I tried all 3 versions of retroch (amped/ozone/rgui), but it keeps chrasing, when useing genesis xtreme core. only the removal of power supply helps, the Power swich on the cosole doenst help. Is there anyone who could guide me with a solution?

  4. Can you add SNES games to the Sega Genesis mini? I tried adding some games, but they don't seem to be working with any of the emulators I've tested. I used project Lunar.

  5. Where do you go to actually download the games to archive them. Or does the software have a library

  6. Broooo…I just got my Genesis mini today, and it's great and ~160 games were slapped on it with HakchiCE 3.8..but Hyper stone guest is giving me the business. I've already tried Both of the Genesis gx cores, and it refuses to play. Even TMNT Tournament Fighters work with the built in core…but not giving up yet😁

    **UPDATE***7:53PM EST***UPDATE**
    TMNT Hyperstone Heist REFUSES to work with either one of the Genesis cores,with my mini. And after further testing, a couple of the games are wonky and will get replaced…I just need to find the RIGHT version of Lion King😁😂. Everything else is running like a dream

  7. Is there a limit to how many games I can add without folders?

    Also, I'm having an issue with my system not being recognized by Hakchi when I turn it on off, and it says it's not online in Hakchi too. Is there a fix for this, because otherwise I have to keep repairing/reinstalling the kernel every time I turn the system off and on again or anytime I want to add new games via synchronization?

  8. Good work bro,! I am follower who's got a question; I did use Hackhi on my mini genesis and it worked well with most games, without installing RetroArch. Few games now, I haven't been able to play and it shows a message "developed for use only with pal and french secam mega drive systems." Do you have an idea or a fix? thanks in advance.

  9. I tried this today with the Hakchi2 CE 3.8.0 and got a rebooting error. Nothing I do seems to work including making sure the hakchi is allowed by my firewall. Any advice would be appreciated.

  10. @15:42 in the video if you are using hakchi how did you do that? Accessing that menu. Also, I’ve been trying to figure that out. Also how many Have you tested saving games using Hakchi on the Genesis wonder how it works?

  11. i got both NES/Sega mini. On the NES i was able not only to add games but have cheats on the games to. Adding games to the Sega mini is easy but i cant find anywhere to add cheats to games i have added. I added Desert Strike Return To The Gulf and i like to play with cheats for the game. Is there an option/a way to add cheats to games that you add to the Sega mini?

  12. And could I use the Cable from the Nintendo mini’s to add games to the Genesis mini

  13. Hey, I’m looking to add a lot of US Genesis titles and I’m new to all this modding the Mini’s. Could you do a list of games that are not compatible with the built in Emulation, so I could apply retro arch to the right games.

  14. Do I need USB-A to USB-A and do I plug it in the controller port? Thanks buddy.

  15. Can you add Master System 32X and CD with Hakchi? I have 32X and CD added through Project Lunar with a USB but am finding its crashing the system after statup quite often now and theres still 10 GB free on the USB out of 16 GB I feel like I either added too much or im doing something wrong or missing something

  16. Will using retroarch and the genesis core you picked help fix all the genesis roms that don't work on m2?

  17. Thanks i actually hacked my nes from your video. I don't mind retroarch for mi genesis mini, i already added 100+ genesis games.

  18. Data enabled cable? Any help on where to find that? Will the version of hakchi work I used for my nes mini?

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