How To Hack The PSP 2018 Play Backups Emulators and PS1 Games

In this video, i show you how to hack a PSP so you can play emulator, PSP backups and Play station 1 games on pretty much any Play station portable device.
This video is for educational purposes only!


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  1. So I did this and it all works great from Atari 2600 up to some n64. I tried downloading a ps1 rom that was an eboot File or whatever but it’s not showing up in my list and I made sure to put it where you said. It didn’t come with an image like yours did either though is that the problem maybe?

  2. Curious what the minimum memory card size should be? It's been a while and I'm debating wether to keep my 4gb or upgrade before doing this

  3. I've followed all the steps but I keep getting that a message that the 'Program doesn't support my FW'. Can Anyone help?

  4. Thanks dude you saved me trouble I needed to face for my kids to go to the shop to do these simple steps
    thanks a million

  5. I was having same issues with my PSP until I was introduce to a hacker who help me in hacking my game all thanks to xtremehack1 on IG for his good hacking skills

  6. Essential for PSPGO owners. So many games we missed out on. The PSP has a fantastic library. Especially if you like turn based rpgs.

  7. when i try to play a psx game, it always sends me to settings. doesnt happens on other apps but only psx games, how can i solve it?

  8. Hey I know I'm very late on this post but before u plugged your psp in, did i see you start to take the memory card out? Or do u leave it in so u can move the files from CPU to the memory stick in the psp

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