How to Hack Android Games Without Root / With NO ROOT required

No Root Hack Apps: Top Game Hack Apps: …


  1. Lucky patcher is an error it's sucks only patches poorly managed games because it's a poorly managed app

  2. Nobody cares for long intros specially when you're voice is that annoying and ears piercing. Also that cocky tone yuk

  3. I was told that there were password hack codes, like you enter it instead of your password.

    it doesn't make sense though unless you change your password to said hack, but then you couldn't use it multiple times or use more than one, unless you do that s million times in a row, but they'll just get you locked out. And there are password requirements sometimes. It just doesn't seem logical, but would be cool.

    The only way I could imagine it working is if your account is synced with Google or your phone and entering a password is just extra and you can use a cheat or your actual password. But that would mean you couldn't play on someone else's phone without signing into your Google account, which is a whole other thing

  4. It does not work because after I activate it and try to purchase something. I get sent to google playstore and have to login. Which is bullshit

  5. Lucky patcher does the same with non multi player games dude and the hacked apks sucks trying to do because of all the spam etc… And the hex editors dont work because your not rooted so the hidden files are an issue more can i say ohh ya an apk if you do find one and you purchesed the game already your saved game files cant and probably wont be ported over geez theres so much in trying to find a legit hack without rooting problem is if you root your carrier may drop you etc all of its a real bummer but this guy may have found one that hacks the other 1/3 of non multiplayer games that lucky patcher might not be able tp hack doubt it but we'll see

  6. Creehack most certainly does nothing at all… Its just there with no functionality… Best no root app for me is lucky patcher, managed to hack some games with it but most dont work (server sided)

  7. Does creehack work on it's own because I try to buy township cash for free on township and doesn't work

  8. What versions are you using? As the current version of Freedom is asking for root access

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