How To Greatly Increase Android Gaming Performance

In this video i’m going to show you how to significantly increase your android phone performance, this also make game run much smoother.

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Mountkid – Dino [NCS Release]


  1. look carefuuly on the thumbnail the bar its different he screenshot it 🙁

  2. Snapdragon 820 is a very weak processor
    It never gives a score of 174k
    I'm also using a custom ROM on my Redmi Note 3 pro based on pie
    Havoc os which gives score above 109k
    And snapdragon 650 is better than 820 because 820 is very old processor

  3. Uh… Yeah, this video is garbage bc first… No links, Second… I installed Custom Rom, what is that supposed to mean, if u r going to do tutorials, do them right

  4. One of the best option is to disable background app activity,runs a lot better though

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