How to Get Unlimited Scores in Messenger Soccer / Football Without Rooting (2020) |

Don’t CLICK This :-

How to get unlimited scores in messenger soccer without rooting.
To do it , follow the instructions at the video.

If you got any trouble while install GG & Parrerel Space Watch this video to fix those :-

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How to Hack Jumpy Jumpy Helix Ball Game Without Rooting :-

Parallel Space download link :-…


  1. My friend beats my 107 in GC because he practiced for 2 weeks then he got a new high score "147" so I'm tired of tapping. Then I had to do this trick.

  2. The soccer game does not stop after clicking GG icon. Ball falls down. I choosed msg proces and clicked pasue button like in the vid.

  3. all different types of parallel space in playstore just fuckn as sheet i don't know where to install a right parallel space app

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