How to get Best Gaming Performance on Android | Remove Lag in Android Games

In this video I showed 5 New tricks/steps to Boost Gaming Performance on Android. And i also showed How to remove lag in Android Games with Before and After Proofs

Clear upto 5GB+ storage space:

GFX Tool download link:

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  1. he says to clear the storage padam involved when we install pubg Mobile it takes 1.8 GB of storage so does it make any change

  2. I only have one game on my Lenovo I bought in 2017 it's called last day on earth it's really fun but for some reason even with lowest settings it lags no matter what, what do I do.

  3. All this is nonsense, well, you increase the RAM, but what's the point? It all depends on the GPUs. I have a Samsung Note 10 + on an exinos with 12 gigabytes of RAM, and still the FPS is sitting in some games.. Mali or adreno it all depends on them

  4. the joke at the end with old people and phones ( just backup phone and factory reset and sign in and your phone is like new)

  5. Thanks Bro….You Helped Me…and Also Saved My Mobile Phone xd…I Was Going To Break It

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