How to get Apple CarPlay on an Android Car Stereo Head Unit

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  1. When i plug my iPhone in i get a blackscreen on my android radio why? Please help

  2. I was just wondering why you cutted the video when you connected the iphone. Was there an issue? That's what it looks like.

  3. Do the steering wheel controls still work with this? I guess volume and mute would control the head unit, but do things like skip forward, reverse, pause/play, voice (siri), and phone buttons get passed through to the iphone?
    I always thought this would be something individual manufacturers had to configure for best practice for their setups. So I'm confused about how or if it works with these USB dongles.

  4. Would get it but I have my phone wirelessly charge when driving and I do not want to plug it in every time.

  5. Hey my screen is all black, I bought the same one you bought. Are you having issues?

  6. If I have carplay turned on and leave the car, will it return right back to carplay, or do I have to deal with the displays interface every time?

  7. I just bought a truck that has a radio with apple carplay but my phone is android (Samsung note 4) is there a way to connect my android phone to apple carplay on my truck radio?

  8. My one stoped working after few weeks . It’s stuck on connecting , I tried updating app and the box but still same, I tried with iPhone 6s ,5s ,7 ,x

  9. Does your phone have to be unlocked to use it? Also have you tried it with an android phone? There’s an autoplay box that does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  10. I’m shocked that there is a side loadable apple CarPlay app on an android device. That’s amazing.

  11. Watch out they might be stealing stuff from your phone because it’s not from Apple the way your getting Apple car play.

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