How To Flash On Android / What Is Flash – Complete Guide On Flashing Android

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Today I’m going to show you how to flash on you Android device and give you the complete tour on what flashing is. Note: Must have ClockworkMod installed If you don’t link is below:

This is very useful if your someone who just started to get into Android or you want to do more with your Android device.

Flashing will help take you and your phone to the next level to help you do so much more on your…


  1. alright good I put my phone in the case wrong and it said a custom OS is about to be installed so I just took out the battery

  2. I'm watching because I know nothing about flashing. Can flashing help fix no volume on a Moto Z Force? I'm determined to fix this phone. I'm currently doing all updates bough a few days ago on eBay any suggestions?

  3. 2 min in… and all is explained is flash… is flashing… you don't know shit and you wasted my time… delete this video and stop bothering the internet… smh…

  4. I still think you don't know what flashing is. Poor and not understandable at all. Wasted 3 minutes of my life. Lame Video.

  5. tried British accent but it seems like you've horribly failed to do that…be within your Indian accent cause you simply can't do any better than that!

  6. I have a 144 IQ and am a member(didn't pay dues) of MENSA, but I still have no clue what "flashing" means. Come on man, learn how to focus your explanation.

  7. This video is a good idea and i like the idea behind what you plan on doing but…(not that i am trying to tell you what to do i am just trying to give you ideas) but in my opinion you might want to speak a little more clear(try making a bullet point document of what you plan to say or the basics of what you mean to cover) and flashing is a lot more technical then was described here and is not a process that is exclusively for phones. Clockwork mod is not the only way (and it is outdated) you can use TWRP ( (newer) or Odin ( and to access the recovery on the phone you first should shut the phone down properly( don't hold the power button down to hard shutdown the phone just hold the power button for about 2 seconds then select "power off" or "shutdown". After the phone has completely shutdown hold the volume buttons and the power button at the same time to access the recovery. For those who don't know anything about this: a zip file isn't a necessity you just need an image file for clockwork mod (outdated) to work it uses image files inside zip files.(as far as i know its been a while since i have messed with it please correct me if i am wrong). All the other tools i mentioned before require images to flash the ROM (read only memory) on your phone. Please try to use less terms like "i can install lots of things" "you will have stuff to install" "Don't worry". and i recommend you try this again but get a little more in-depth actually do your research and the next video will get a lot more attention and be a lot more helpful. Hope everyone finds this to be helpful.

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  9. how can I flash my android phone and computer tablet a very easy way because my phone and tablet is moving slow and freezing as well

  10. The problem is not your English. Your English is very good. The problem is that you jump from one thing to another. I feel you need to stick to the subject and explain it thoroughly. You say you will explain "what is flash and how to use it." I still don't know what flash is and what it does. You need to explain what flash is in detail and give an example what it does, looks like & why we may want to use it. I think you can be a great teacher if you stick to what is important and not jump around too much.

  11. fuck man.. what r u speaking.. if u dnt know how to teach then don't make shit videos……

  12. Dude….I need your help
    My Qmoblie Z8 gets rebooted whenever i connect it to the WIFI…….
    Suggest me solution..plz

  13. Every 3secs, my htc M9 pops up 'Unfortunately google play services has stopped', especially when i am connected to internet, it is so annoying. Contacted htc who couldnt solve it over the phone. Please help

  14. sir i want to flash micromax canvas fire a093 to lollipop please send me the link of drivers, flash tool and firmware.

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