How To Flash A Custom ROM (for Android)

Video showing you how to flash a custom ROM on Android. You need to be rooted in order for this to work in addition to downloading and installing Clockwork Recovery.

Installing a custom ROM on your Android phone can give you a completely customized version of the Android operating system which could include features like different themes and kernels, faster performance, free wifi tethering, etc.




  1. Can i install cyanogenmode 13 for my device galaxy j200hPlease please let me know if its possible??

  2. i did all this and now my phone doesn't work at all so thanks a bunch..

  3. @PhoneBuff  i did smth that i dont think i was supposed to do…i wanted to intall a wireless update on my Leagoo Lead was goin well when,when it was installing it,i said that somth was incorect i dont remember.and it sayd error,i didnt know what i should do,and i pulled the battery off,i think that messed my phone up…now when i hit the power says Leagoo.not showing the "loading screen" just the logo.and it puts me in the recovery mode.what do i do in this case? ;/ PLS some1 help me

  4. So in order to do this I will have to delete everything from my internal memory and SD card??? Can't I just like keep my stuff that's on my SD card? And also, will I have to back up my original ROM??? And can I just install this update from a different SD card and then put my other SD card back in how it is???

  5. Thank you so much you saved my note 10.1 2014 I rooted it and then I can't do any updates it was saying: your device was modified then I do cache wipe and reset it worked I also installed stock rom but it don't worked thank you you saved my life

  6. Please Help! I installed aokp rom on my sch-i500 mesmerize and it worked fine, but I didn't have google apps, so I tried installing "" and it didn't do anything, so I tried installing an original rom, then installed aokp again and then gapps right after but it wont let me past "devil touch recovery" screen, please tell me what I did wrong?

  7. Nice Video But i have one problem when I Click Any of the things Like wipe factory/dat reset and wipe cache then it just gets stuck on a black screen please Help!

  8. dude, i did everything in the video, but i can not start my phone in the cwm, i have a xperia play, please help me, i am bagging you. sorry about my english, i am from brasil

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