How to fix: Pokemon GO Loading + Crashing + Login Problem! – iOS & Android


  1. My Pokémon go crashes every time the loading screen finish loading. I have tried to repeatedly reinstalled the game and I have the latest update. Have tried to change the region and restart my iphone and change back to the region i had before and restarted the phone and reinstalled the game, it still crasching after that. Don't know what the problem with the game is. I have a iphone 7 ios 13. I have talked to the Niantic pokemon support and they sended me a link to the ios problems to there webside and that did't work:(

  2. Can you please help me I got the Android Q beta my Pokemon go app stuck at loading screen

  3. Can any one help me every time i try to log in with my google acc my app just reboots and i cant sign in

  4. I just got pokemon go. and. whenever. it louds. It says accept. or decline and whenever. I click accept it goes to my home screen

  5. my problem is pokemon go not loading with 4g and i swear its not my phone becuase al the rest like youtube instagram etc. does work

  6. Someone have bug when you go visit gym and it frozes and throw out on background mobile..or catching pokemon and it freezes and crashes?

  7. The same problem is happening, whenever I logged out days ago. When i try to log back in it says "unfortunate pokemon go had stopped" please help me

  8. hey plzz help me out I use android tablet 4.4.2 I have google map but when I open it shows ninatic picture after a seconds it crash and say unfortunately pokemon go has stopped help me plzz

  9. is there a fix on loading screen when you get done making your character cuz that's where it crashes I can't find a fix please help me!

  10. Does anyone know how to fix my problem:When the first time i login(after the loading screen) i accept the terms of services but,everytime i click accept,it force close

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