How to fix icon missing from that taskbar in Windows 10

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In this video I will show you how to bring back your icons on the Windows 10



  1. Hello Sir. I Want An Background Theme Like Urs. How To Install..? Explain Me. Do Give Me Link And Websites.

  2. where to get that background image it is like have the Rog Gaming Center with motion sensors…

  3. Still monkeying with this (_work is kinda busy so I can restart just yet) but I have to say … you have and AWESOME theme running

  4. Thanks, it worked! But I just clicked 'Restart' instead of ending and then creating new task.

  5. This is no longer valid as the options you are using are no longer in Win 10. you should remove this video to prevent excess aggravation by people like me looking for a current solution.

  6. thank you. i probably should have tried that, but sometimes its the simple things that you need to be reminded of. however, i wonder if this might be related to another problem ive been having. i came across this video after searching for info on steam and origin not showing in my notifications area (even though i knew they were running). this just happened today, but another problem which i've been having for about a month now with no luck on finding a solution, is that when i restart or boot up my computer, upon logging in, explorer doesnt seem to run automatically. i just login to a black screen with a mouse. i can use the task manager to run explorer myself and at that point i hear the windows startup sound and everything seems to proceed as normal from there. this is happening literally about 50% of the time now and yet i cant seem to find any pattern to it. any ideas on whats going on or how to fix it?

  7. Thanks for your openness about how these methods work. I lost Edge Icon on Task Bar. My fix is add another Microsoft account from Friend or Family Member, give them administrative status, Change your own to standard, Delete your account (from theirs) and Make yourself another account and start over. Big pain but works.(make good backups first) Mine works good, but now the other 2 accounts on my laptop, the Edge Icon is invisible on task bar.

  8. First learn how to express yourself loud and clearly and then make a tutorial video. In this one, it is like you are mumbling something to yourself

  9. I HAVE A FIX:
    -Go to Settings.
    -Type in "display" and click on "change display settings"
    -Scroll down to "multiple displays"
    -Click "show only on 1" and the revert it back to the original one.

    Hope this helped!

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