How to Fast Charge Any iPhone or Android Device – Complete Guide

Good Charging Practices:

1. Use the correct charger that was supplied by the manufacture OR a reputable Companies like (Anker and Belkin).

2. Chargers from Convenience stores or those under 10.00 are most likely insufficient – Best to check reviews first.

3. Use the correct cable – very important. Quality cabling affects data transfer speeds and charging. Cables greater then 3 feet (1 meter) such as the 15 foot or 4.5-meters charging cables should be avoided.

4. Consider keeping…

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  1. I can sum this video in 2 minutes:

    Shut off your WiFi, shut off your Bluetooth, Shut off your Cellular data… Then charge the phone… It WILL charge faster..
    Next Shut OFF YOUR PHONE…. That will charge even faster… But that means no social media for that time… How will people survive… LOL

    Next the charger itself does has no say so on how fast the phone charges … The phone has an internal charging circuitry … So the phone is what does the actual charging and the charger just supplies what CURRENT the phone asks for …

    If you have a 1 amp charger, the phone can only charge at 1 amp … If the phone can charge at 2 amps… it will ONLY GET 1 amp from the charger..

    If you have a 2 amp charger on a phone that only charges at 1 amp, you are wasting $$ on that charger..

    That 2 amp charger is ONLY good for a phone that can charge at 2 amps which is rare to find … Most smartphones only charge at 1 amp …

    There is NO such thing as a correct charger…

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