How to enroll Android Device with Intune- A Step By Step Guide

In today’s organizational environment, it is very crucial to have control over organizational data as we as the flexibility to use the same over handheld devices like Android and iOS devices.
In today’s video we will learn that how to enroll android device and manage with Intune.

First we need to make sure that the device restriction allows android platform to be enrolled in intune.

Once you have…


  1. Your app installation is failing because only Microsoft apps are only allowed and for another app, you need to integrate with the app with the SDK of Microsoft Intune.

  2. I am not able to apply policies on my app synchronization are running perfectly what's the matter can you please help it out?

  3. want to use app on the company portal.. under Apps it shows app App instaled you can find it on your device app screen..and also shows this web link will appear in yhe company portal widget add the compnay portal widget to view this do i do that i cant find anything just guide plzz

  4. I have tried the same and for me also the app installation got failed. Could you please let me know the solution for successful app installation.

  5. You should have selected Android Enterprise, there are plenty of options available. You would need to enrol your device as Android For Work.

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