How to Enable USB Charging on Computer for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1!

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 stock only allows you to charge via USB Wall charger which is rated at 2 amps, here’s how to hack it for any rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Pershoot kernel so you can charge it via USB on your computer or even regular USB chargers.


  1. I know this is the problem with Samsung however if you want to charge it with the other charger in case just turn off your tablet and plug it with the any charger it will start charging. keep it in mind that 1 Amp charger will take a long time to charge

  2. Hi, I know this works, i'v been using it for a while now. but this resets itself after reboot. how to make this permanent? 

  3. / is forward slash…. didnt finish watching this, but obviously you forgot the > after echo, otherwise you are just echoing what you typed. Please do the community a favor and learn basic Linux commands if you are going to show a howto..

  4. can't get your command line to work…. you f-ucked it up too many times man. maybe plan your script and paste the command here…. we are not programmers. don't be so nervous

  5. hi dear its not working l,m using gt n-8000 10.1 galaxy not
    kernel version # 3.0.31-1247182
    please reply soon as possible

  6. It's called a forward slash, not a backslash. Think of a little guy leaning forward or back.

  7. really helpful, thanks so much, but i'm have a question how to i play asphalt 7 with high graphics on my galaxy tab 10.1 thanks all

  8. thank you very much for the tip, i can confirm it works with my galaxy tab 2 7.0"

  9. i am using asus transformer prime …. the word (su) dont work… i cant get it to work

  10. When I do this, do I still have my warranty on my tablet? I don't want to hack it, so I don't know if this is hacking? Or is this just the /cmd from Samsung?

  11. Doest work for me. I wrote everything like you did but it says there is no file or directory. Also in the beggining you have: app_48android and I have: app_33android. Could someone help or it just wont work for me? Also have the same kernel

  12. zedo! we need a tablet comparison. which tablet do you recommend? I was thinking Galaxy tab.

  13. Always enjoy your videos zedomax! Just a quick correction since I know you'd want to be correct here… the use of the term backslash is incorrect here. / is either called a "slash" or "forward slash". This is a backslash Cheers!

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