How To Edit And Tune Vocals

This is a full tutorial on how professional vocal tuning and editing is done.
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  1. Hi Dr Mix Have you done "What is Love" by Howard Jones? It is a great synth track from 84….. or Native Love by Divine from 82 Just an idea! Cheers. Great work by the way

  2. If you're interested in a cool synth bass line, check out "Substitute" by Vector (album Mannequin Virtue, 1983).

  3. just did tempo adjusting on Michael Jackson accapella of "Who is it" for a remix I made. While I was working I noticed how Michael was out of tune sometimes, but, and here is his genious, he did it on purpose, like sometimes it happens in jazz music (see e.g. Kamelon by Herbie Hancock, there's a long phrase completely out of scale but it makes a LOT of sense). MJ sings out of tune just to get back to the correct note, and the result is amazing, as if he was crying but then puts again his energy in. Amazing.
    You can find my remix here just in case you're curious:

  4. Love all your videos, but this one is sooo informative 😀 can't believe i haven't seen that option in cubase (hay, im just an amateur playing around lol) . you make what you do so easy. such talent ❤

  5. Man, I'm very impressed. The guy is singing in Portuguese (most part of the time), but his accent tells me he's definitely not Brazillian. But even this combo seems not be a problem for you! I'm Brazillian, by the way. So this tutorial/demo got my attention from the very beginning. Really, very impressed with your ear!

  6. Hi friend. Yes, good job. BUT…. Isn´t it better to tell this singer (or any other who is not supposed to get into the rythm and the notes) to do another job, driving a bus or so on? Is a lot of very talanted singers, who do not need this ant work. Yes, everybody need it a little, but how will he sounds at the live stage without any autotune? Best regards from Prague studio, Michal

  7. Re-interpretation versus correction? Might try this with a friend's new songs. Should have interesting outcome. Whether Della likes it, that remains to be seen – & heard! She's slowly coming up to speed on new techniques.

  8. Exactly how i do it albeit with my own vocals, or someones really bad vocals, I love going through a song and perfecting it with autotune in Reaper (my DAW of choice) it is time consuming but trains your own ear too. However, if a vocalist doesn't want the track changing either in timing or tuning, it can be a bit tricky to convince them lol, you have to respect their point of view from a musical perspective, that's how they intended it to be?…as others on here have said. great technique Doc…great video 🙂

  9. Thanks again Claudio, this was super cool. As a viewer this was a strangely ultra-fast 44 minutes.

  10. Yo, Claudio! Could you link the the song when it's finished please? I love the tune. There's just something about it that hits the spot and I'd love to listen to it as a whole. 🙂

  11. Claudio, you are a Master! Thanks for sharing all your skills and knowledge. If YouTube added a "Fan" button, I would definitely be your number 1 my friend. Keep it on, mate!!

  12. No wonder my vocals sound so rubbish! They've not been subjected to this magic. It's amazing what can be done. Great video.

  13. I've been using VariAudio for ages (it's the best way to make my dubious vocal talents sound acceptable). But I figured I'd watch this video anyway to see if I could learn something new, and I did: I didn't know that you could drag the slider to change the balance point when adjusting the curve!

    I find it much faster to edit the notes by using the new controls added in Cubase 10.5, where you can straighten, quantize etc. right on the note, rather than using the sliders in the sidebar menu.

    Ear training really helps with this type of editing, so that you can accurately hear and determine the intervals and notes. I also find it helps to have a keyboard nearby that I can use to check what I think the notes should be. Extra bonus trick: set the MIDI Input option and you can then move/edit the notes in VariAudio by playing the appropriate key on the keyboard!

    Thanks Claudio!

  14. It looks quite labour intensive but the result sounds very natural and human. No plugin can match the human feel and interpretation.

  15. As I'm using Fl Studio, I know you can use the Newtone plugin to edit and tune vocals.

  16. cheers! i'm going to practice with a metronome a bit more.geez I've been slacking on my ear too.

  17. I like how you noted you were taking liberties! 😎Thx for the content, I didn't realize how much editing technology had progressed since I was in a studio. Don't ask how long that was…let's just say it was in the 20th century!

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