How to easy share Android screen on PC and MAC

How to easy mirror/share Android screen on PC and MAC.

Use a Google Chrome
Get Vysor from here:

If don’t have developing options in your Android device use this app:

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  1. how to uninstall and how to remove from launchpad on macbook I've deleted google crome and its file but vysor remain inside my macbook app i want to remove from macbook me please me

  2. do not get this, Vysor is super bad, it worked for me but i cant get a good resolution, its like being a bit blind, everything was blurry, and the only way to fix that is to get pro, so you spend your money just for some options THAT YOU NEED.

  3. OH MY GOD Why every single fucking app wants to charge money for something that should be FUCKING FREE? FUCK YOU!

  4. I works on samsung tablet for mac but I can't write anything. If I buy the pro version you think I can write?

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