How to easily transfer photos and videos from android to Apple Mac os

quick and easy way to transfer data, files, photo and video from Samsung android to Apple mac pro ios.

Link to download:

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  1. way to mumble at the critical part. you suck!
    and then you just mergfiergfiewrfkbwjyfgwrjyfg. and boom!you're done. shithead.

  2. How do you transfer multiple photos, can not highlight more than one at the time?

  3. Sorry I tried to follow you but you kept moving the phone and I couldn't see what to do on the phone. Main parts were hidden.

  4. Had you rehearsed prior to producing, time would have been saved. I had to bail half way through as it looks as if you're learning while talking.

  5. Is this guy serious with this horrible video demo ? He should break his computer and start all over again with grade school

  6. You were so unprepared… very slow video.. could have been much more brief. Good content but very badly filmed.

  7. Why do people still hold their phone vertically to make videos is beyond me!…? Hold the phone HORIZONTALLY!

  8. Good video…content-wise anyway. Now you should go watch a video on How To Shoot Horizontal Video. That way you wont have to move your entire laptop to get parts in the shot. Sorry to bash, but Vertical Video is super annoying.

  9. This is great. Quick and clear for a tech ignorant. Thank you so much. Just wish you'd gone a little further. Can't find my voice recorder files and would have liked to chose which files to download instead of having to clean up unwanted shares on my Mac.

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