How to Easily Access Files on your Mac from Any Android Device – Es File Explorer

This video shows you how to access your files on your Mac, from any any Android Smartphone or Tablet using ES File Explorer. Hope it helps! Thanks for Watching.

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  1. how do I remove the forcefield around my laptop? It is blue and red, and when I put my hand into it I get a sharp zap. Any tips greatly appreciated.

  2. the fact that apple makes you go through all this shit is fuckin annoying. It doesnt need to be this difficult, they do it on purpose

  3. How do I use these steps with my D-Link router and, do I need to root my phone with another app, such as Titanium Backup in order to give ES File Explorer root access or in order for ES File Explorer root access to work?

  4. Hey. I was wondering what's the difference between your method and the one that I used.
    I simply entered my remote login ID from my mac in the "create new SFTP" with my login details and it worked. I know your method works, tried that out too but was wondering what the difference is? Faster transfers? More safe?

  5. Thanks for your efforts with a super quality video tutorial. Also one of the best explanations of port forwarding with a Mac that I've seen.

    And the key is SFTP not SMB. I believe that Apple ran into a licensing issue with SAMBA so they had to trim down support for SMB and replace it with AFP. Only AFP can authenticate and access password protected volumes.

  6. hey, whats up. im using a huawei mate 8 and its native file program allows me to connect to my apple drive but asks for a user name and password to connect to my mac. How can I get around this and or what user name and password? Ive tried all of my passwords.

  7. Im using Dlink router and I don't find DHCP reservation option and also can't find any way to add the client. Can u please help

  8. I'm getting this error as well: cannot find server (ip address)/users/username. I followed the instructions to a tee. I'm not sure what i could be doing wrong. My Mac share works when viewing from a windows machine but not from my nexus 7. I don't know why Apple has made sharing to tablets so much harder.

  9. @TeQreation Hello do you know How To Install ES File Explorer On Macbook pro. I got some harddrive connected to my router and can not acces files from while working on macbook but it can be easily done on android with ES File Explorer . Maybe is any other way to acces the files ?

  10. I keep getting a messages saying "cannot find server (ip address)/users/username. Am I doing something wrong? Obviously I am …

  11. i am having trouble figuring out how to transfer files from my android phone to my mac.. is this possible, or does the app only work for transferring from mac to android?

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