How To Download PUBG On PC For Free! – Download PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!

Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you How To Download PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds For Free On PC! This isn’t the full PC version that is available on steam and other downloading platforms but this one is the free Mobile version emulator that you can officially download and that other than just being free will give you better performance because of the optimization and will give you a really close experience to the PC version.

Download Link For The Game:…


  1. I am not getting the exact link when i open it up as u are showing 0:45 plz reply to my query i am having much trouble

  2. Can you still play with other people that are playing on pc or do you play with people playing on mobile only?

  3. Either you are dumb or you consider the people watching this video dumb.
    This is the emulated version of the PUBG mobile variant. Actual PUBG PC is a whole different thing.

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