How to Design Microservices Architecture? Uber Architecture – A Case Study | Tech Primers

This video covers how to design microservices architecture. This shows the Uber’s Monolith Vs Microservices Architecture

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  1. Good consolidated explanation of microservice. Microservice is individual and autonomous service. Can u please make a video on JMS and MQ, when go for JMS or MQ

  2. 7:20 How else do you think such scenarios should be covered? If billing is down, it cannot directly interact with the user and tell that the billing service is down. It has to tell the trip management that it is down and the trip management will convey the same message to the user.

  3. Very nicely presented with a perfect example. I have spent time on other videos, but all were showing the bookish definition of microservices… with your video, anyone can understand about this in one shot. Thank you, will wait for more videos. The data store (mysql) part was not clearly explained in microservice part.

  4. Hi bro nice video
    I am new to micro services and containers. I am able understand most of the concepts of micro services and containers but am unable apply these for my project it would be great if you can help me out

  5. Nice one..
    Can you please make a video on how to implement transaction across microservices.. thanks in advance

  6. BG music little disturbing, please take care it. Thanks for ur Knowledge sharing

  7. Hello Thanks, please provide guide for how to design architecture for User management, word processor and media manager Micro services?

  8. Man, You are a master of every subject you talk about. Keep up the nice work

  9. Thank you, Bhai! For that clarity! Thank you a lot!! Can you also speak about Instagram and Netflix architecture?

  10. The interessing part how the micro services connect to the database was not in the micro service structure.

  11. Great tutorial. Can you please do additional break downs of other platforms like Instagram, Netflix etc on how they employ microservice architecture. Thank you in advance

  12. Importance of resiliency for every micro-service to deal with cases when other services are unavailable is very well emphasized.

  13. Could you please create Micro services architecture for POS, or Amazon Repricer or Health (gym) marketplace …. Thank you so much for such informative video…

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