How to Customize YouTube TV Live Guide

This video shows you how to customize your YouTube TV live guide.

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Video Transcript:
YouTube TV gives you a very clean and easy-to-navigate guide for looking through what’s on that you may want to watch. However, the default order of the YouTube TV guide isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, YouTube TV lets you remove any channels you don’t want to see in the live guide, and also reorder how the channels are presented. I’ll walk you…


  1. Is there a way to add new channels to the live guide, these would be from the subscription pages that already exist today? My mom is 88 and needs a simple place to find all her channels.

  2. I was able to do this on my phone app, but it did not change my guide on the TV. Am I missing a step?

  3. workes fine on my pc, but does not change the line up on my tv(s) after i finished. What am I missing? The line up on my PC does nothing for my tv!

  4. Is there any way to customize the appearance of the guide? It takes up a lot of room only showing me 4 channels at a time and is very time consuming to scroll through.

  5. Doesn't work. Mine acts like I never even moved channels around and goes back to the default. Very frustrating.

  6. I can't wait to hear what a hamburger icon is? Is this the worst video only if you are watching on a Mac? Sheesh. Why on EARTH wouldn't you put them in alpha order?

  7. Would be "sooooo" consumer friendly to have the guide auto-list the channels in alpha-order!

  8. Great video, I wish I had it when I first got YTTV. I have a question and I hope you can answer. I want to tape a new show (The Bone Collector) that is on tonight at 8pm. Unfortunately, the live guide only goes to 4pm?!

  9. I just got YouTube TV this week and cancelled my DirecTV. I'll add Showtime and HBO streaming services and will still save more than $100 a month. This video was very helpful to set up the Live channels that I want and boot Fox News to the curb.

  10. This does not work for Apple TV. The Live Guide refers you back to the website which gets you nowhere.

  11. What about us who do not have an Apple product and no sign in member? Where can we get a free all channels tv guide? I did a search and you seem to have to be an apple subscriber.

  12. My YoutubeTV settings do not show the "live guide" option. I have everything else listed, but not "live guide". Any ideas?

  13. Anyone know how to get the guide in the app to look live what this guy showed? Meaning how do you also see future live shows?

  14. YouTubeTV has a Live Guide but not a real guide. It only tells you what is playing at the moment but there is no way to find out what is playing next. So there is no way to set a program to record in the future. REALLY????

  15. Great info, can you help me set my xbox one remote tv to samsung tv to be able toter on and off

  16. You must uncheck at least 1 channel in Step 4 to get the Sort function to change from DEFAULT to CUSTOM. Once it changes to Custom you follow the other steps to change the channel order to anything you want. Just remember to recheck the channel so it shows up in the Live Guide (Unless you don't want it to show)

  17. How do you navigate back to home screen if dont like what you are watching. Using my samsung tv remote.

  18. I wish YouTube TV had a feature to show what date a episode aired originally. The show information does show season and episode…but is missing the original air date for the respective show. Please add this Google 😳

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