How To Customize PS4 Buttons Assignments Accessibility Options PS4 2.5 Tips

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The Sony has added Improved accessibility options to the PS4 with it you do things like customize your PS4 DS4 Buttons Layout Text-to-speech, Enlarged text, Bolder fonts and higher contrast UI , Zoom for displayed pictures and inverted colors and more.

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  1. So I accidentally but my x button as my d pad an nun of my d pad work so now what

  2. For me, when I click l2 in most games I walk forward but I never did this keybinds, I don’t know what to do. Please help me

  3. My controller is so messed up when I press triangle it registers as down arrow I’m so confused

  4. i wish i can do it for certain games . seem like i have to go back & forth 😒

  5. How can i steer in Need for Speed Heat with the arrows + And accelerate with X, brake with □ 😄 hate the center ones. Thank u

  6. can u change the options and share buttons? my options button doesnt work so i want to switch it to the share button.

  7. I have 2 broken fingers and this helped me out a lot!!! THANK YOU BRO YOU EARNED A SUB!

  8. You mentioned you can customize just about anywhere you want what how how do I disable R3? All this seems to do within the PS4 is just swap buttons. I don’t see any way to just simply disable a button.

  9. Is it possible to make the share button your select button? Like when you need to call a timeout in madden or look at your kills in cod

  10. Just bought the g29 racing wheel and saw ur video. Very helpful but one question I have is I had a t80 before and I didn't have to plug in and use the pedals I Could use the buttons for gas and break. I'm wheelchair bound and an use my legs I wonder if u can do the same with the g29. U would know woukd u

  11. Ur a legend anytime I aim using l2 it moves but now it’s l1 and it’s fine thank you 🙂

  12. I need this because I hate jumping with X. I like jumping with L3, I got used to it lol

  13. Can i get tips because my X button isnt working for an account but it works for others

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