How to Connect Your iPhone or Android Device to Audi Bluetooth

Simple instructions for how to pair your Android with Audi Bluetooth, similar steps for connecting your iPhone to Audi Bluetooth. For more info about Audi Bluetooth or any other technology features contact Audi Virginia Beach, part of the Checkered Flag family of dealerships. Call 757-687-3447, or visit us online at


  1. And how do i listen music on bluetooth? Let me guess? Thats not possible! Audi sucks

  2. It's so lame that Audi doesn't at least from 2007 to 2009 allow you to use your phone for a music source unless it's hardwired as an "AUX" input.  Our 2013 MMI as clunky as it still is at least allows the Bluetooth connected phone to also serve as a music server or audio input source.

  3. Mmm. You've only done the easy bit.
    I have just changed from a Galaxy S4 to the S8, & can't remember how to share the SIM card for data sharing…

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