How to connect your android device with your mac

use your android device as a usb drive, download photos and even download itunes music from your library!


  1. wow thank you for this info…I finally see my files using cable..thank you very much godbless

  2. Cool tip little dude…:-) Easy and light app that works with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x…thanks

  3. Thank you for the post. I was having an issue with my Android based MP3 player. Although it said it is compatible with any music formats, I could not get it work until I came across your YouTube posting which was the simplest and direct to the point.

    Sincerely thank you. I’m enjoying my player.

  4. how can i copy 100 files prom phone … ??????????????? not working stupit program

  5. ok out of all the videos, you are so far trying the best, but you have to pretend your talking TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING. pretend we just got our 1st smart phone, and 1st computer, and we are 63 years old, we cannot down load any app, widget because our phone says we are out of room, we tried to transfer to our MAC apple computer, nothing worked, so now we are trying to LEARN WHAT TO DO AND WE DONT KNOW NOTHING. CAN YOU DO A SLOW VIDEO LIKE THAT.???

  6. Thanks Soooooo much for addressing the issue that the software is not recognizing the device and then NECVER addressing how to correct that, so i'll look to another video for that info

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