How to connect Y5 with JYou with Android , IOS Smart Bracelet Color Screen Fitness Tracker

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  1. i just bought mine, the connection to my phone bluetooth is not stable at all. it comes and goes. what can i do

  2. I can get my device to show in the binding equipment screen but it wont allow me to choose it… any suggestions?

  3. Mine's stuck at the privacy policy agreement. There is no next or ok button. What shall I do?

  4. i am not able to use my training options, i accessed the bicycle option and i found out later that it was not reading after my work out, also i am not able to read my heart rate, please help

  5. Can't able to set time, I keep on pressing the Bluetooth icon as well as the other, what's the easy way to make it function so that I can start to use it anytime?

  6. It's not a really stable app. Doesn't even export or hook to google fit. I'm looking for alternatives or making my own if possible.

  7. Hi, I have a problem with sleep hours yesterday it was 5.88 what does that mean? 88 minutes? I mean it should be 60 minutes per hour.. and the day before it was 6.73 ! Can anyone tell me why?

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