How To Connect The Galaxy S8 To a Macbook or iMac – YouTube Tech Guy

How To Connect The Galaxy S8 To a Macbook or iMac

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  1. Crap my Samsung screen is brokenn I can’t see anything is there another way to do it with out downloading something

  2. The application says after downloading the mac version and trying to install, it's not compatible with macOS Catalina version 10.15.2

  3. Does not show how to connect phone to App when connection not working. Just suggests a program

  4. SOLVED: for problem of installation
    go to "preference system" + "security confidentiality" + "confidentiality" + "ALLOW SIDESYNC" then try to open sidesync in app menu ( even if it was not correctly installed) it worked for me !

  5. Thank you! extremely helpful. Very detailed step by step instructions.

  6. sigh really wanted to switch to the S10e phone but won't because android just doesn't do ecosystem like Apple does. Frustrating. Apple Photos and iTunes to name a few when syncing is a lot better not to mention iMessage is king.

  7. I'm usually connected to a VPN on my laptop…Do you know if vpns mess up the connection?

  8. Even with an old Mac book pro (2012) and a year later, this video helped me transferring files… Thanks

  9. Very UNhelpful. Not giving a text version of the URL was the first failing, particularly for those untuned to american accents. Not telling us how to get the application installed on the S8 itself was another gotcha. Then when I did get the app downloaded on my mac, it just sat there saying "bonk, bonk" whatever button I clicked. Even "command-Q" did not work. How's that for the most useless piece of software I ever came across!!

  10. I tried installing this program on my Mac and it gave me an error and didn't completely install. Any helpful advice on fixing this?

  11. Awesome.. just installed it on the mac just now… I have the side sync app for my tablet and phone..

  12. Thank you, this helped so much. I often need to transfer files from phone to computer. But  my new S8 would just NOT connect to my new iMac no matter what I tried. "Android File Transfer" didn't work. I even tried some other Samsung sync app that didn't work.  I kept searching and finally found this video. SideSync is working GREAT !!!!!!!

  13. I can confirm this works on macbook air 2017 or latest model with S8+. Thanks for sharing i was about to hate this mac.

  14. I'm a Mac and iPhone user. Thinking about a Samsung s8. iPhone is getting a bit too expensive. Can I sync my iTunes stuff.

  15. I'm about to buy a Galaxy S8 and I've got a mac.. I do a lot of photography and sometimes would like to move pictures from my MAC to my phone and not from phone to my mac. Is this also an option with this programme?

    Awesome video btw.

  16. when I access my gallery to transfer photos from my cell to laptop the home icon on my cell above the blue bottom is not there, how do I go back to the previous screen also the arrow is gone.

  17. How To Connect The Galaxy S8 To a Macbook or iMac After Installation its not all opening in my MacBook Air,please help me

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