How to connect LBS Kid with SeTracker app Android phone Smart Watch

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  1. Je peux accéder au menu de cette montre car ya un autre compte d un autre personne esque ya une possibilité pour faire flèche

  2. I've really been trying to figure out how to connect our device for the longest, and our watch refuses to connect with our home wifi automatically as everyone's video shows. Is there anyway a hard reset can be done to start over?

  3. Hi I have problem of calling the watch ( from watch kid can call me but when i call to the watch to kid it getting disconnected and gives me busy tone )
    dose is have any setting which bar incoming call to watch

  4. Any idea why suddenly my setracker apps cant receive the Do not disturb function. It didnt lock the watch. Even frm my iphone it stated 'set ok'

  5. It looks like he put it in right the gold part faces up in the direction of the screen I have the same watch but I have an iPhone and I still can’t get them to connect to each other through that app I followed all the directions I don’t know if I have to download a phone number for the watch or what I don’t get this it says it’s compatible with my phone And I am paying on the Sim card and it says no connection to internet or something like that when I try to make a phone call I’m starting to wonder if this watch even works at all saying that it looks like he had the exact same problem I have

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