How to Connect Huawei Phone to Mac (Android 7.0 & macOS 10.12 Included)

Powerful Phone Manager for Huawei Devices – Wondershare TunesGo ☆ ▷ Selectively delete …


  1. Wonder if you could help me. I vlogged using my Huawei P10 and the footage looks and sounds great on the phone but as soon as I put it onto my mac and watch it back the audio in the videos are completely out of sync. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  2. This is just another hook for a programme app you have to pay for to use properly. Waste of time. Huawei and Apple need to sort this out. It is a travesty that transferring files is made so difficult and complicated

  3. too many steps, I'm selling this phone I don't like it. and the Samsung's have better picture quality, I thought I was getting such a deal with this shit and I still haven't been able to transfer photos it sucks!!!!!!!

  4. I,m completley lost.I need an ID photo& my phone & my mac won't get along has anyone got a solution for novices

  5. got a Huawei P10, but my Macbook wont reckognize it no matter usb debugging or settings MTP PTP or whatsoever. simply wont connect via usb to the mac. any advise? thx

  6. Wondershare only gives 10 freebies in the trial version… I have to pay to transfer my vidz and pix from my Huawei to my mac? Um…

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