How to Connect any android smartphone to macbook…

whats up guys i am going to show you how to connect any android smartphone to macbook…


  1. Thank you for this video. Will this allow me to stream a video from the internet and have it on the bigger screen of the computer as well?

  2. This is very necessary I mean why get a windows laptop when we already have a Mac. Ty

  3. Thank you. I had searched everywhere to find a solution without any joy until I found this! very much appreciated!!

  4. omg thank u so much …I was having a lot of trouble getting it…thank u thank u so much👍👍

  5. My androids screen broke and the screen doesn't work how can I access it to see my pics, messeges etc??

  6. Dear Josh l have problems with my Macbook pro to get bloutooth vonect with my Samdung have no internetvand l can not instal the android file like you say. Please for help

  7. Doesn't matter if you can't pronounce the word. Thank you for this tutorial and the time you spent showing us.

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